Concierge used to be solely associated with hotels or smart apartment buildings. Solely to assist guests and residents by making restaurant reservations, recommending services and booking transport. Airlines and credit card companies then started offering their assistance. Nowadays, any business or individual has the same privilege. And more. 

Whether you need support to find a staycation residence, organise your daughter’s wedding, employ a PA or perhaps design a swimming pool, help is merely a phone-call or message away. Due to the immense diversity in provision providing, concierge services are now frequently known as lifestyle management.

Some believe the term concierge derives from the Latin word, conservus, meaning fellow slave. Yet others translate the word from the French word for caretaker or porter. Although duties have evolved somewhat over time. 

Most HNWIs, VIPs, celebrities and top-level management are fully subscribed members to a concierge service for lifestyle management. These highly successful individuals (or indeed companies) understand that membership to these elite companies far outweighs the benefits of completing tasks or projects themselves. Their expertise saves time (and often money) by providing exceptionally personalised luxurious services, at speed.

Personalised services include household management, lifestyle management, vacation planning, transport and property management. Services are often bespoke and personalised according to the clients’ needs.

Concierge services are a relatively recent addition to the luxury business industry. This is due to technological advancement and our constantly changing environment. Such restraints have resulted in lack of time for working professionals and households. Concierge services allow for more time to be spent on the things that matter. Whether being able to concentrate more on work, relieve stress levels, spend more time with the family or having the luxury of time.


How to Choose the Best Concierge Service 

Lifestyle management is often referred to as personal concierge. Luxury concierge or lifestyle managers provide a fully comprehensive assistant style service to clients. The client will be able to outsource personal tasks such as daily errand management, pet-sitting, restaurant reservations, personal shopping or cooking. In fact, any task to save invaluable time.

A wide range of skills are necessary to create an impeccable concierge service. First is understanding what the client wants. Thereafter, a top concierge business will commit to a quick response and delivery time.

A first-class concierge manager should be polite, knowledgeable and highly organised. In addition, tenacity is key when adhering to unusual client requests. Their aim should be to combine these skills to ensure their client’s day to day living is smooth and effortless.

The business model of different concierge service providers varies. Experts charge varied rates and offer various membership packages to choose from. Notwithstanding the acceptance terms and conditions to membership applications. Concierge companies differ in the type of services they offer, and to whom it is provided. Top-rated concierge services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, they maintain a low staff to clientele ratio. Lifestyle managers have employees to do whatever the demand, although it must be legal, moral and ethical.

The Future of Lifestyle Management 

Concierge services are becoming very popular in the UK. This is due to the invaluable service, alongside upgraded technology. Today, anyone anywhere can ask their manager to organise what they need (including a trip to outer space) in one text message. 

Lastly, and most noteworthy, is that the industry is no longer limited to hotels or high net-worth individuals anymore. Mid-level management, housewives and even students are tapping into the industry to source what they require. Whether running personal errands, co-ordinating household staff, recruiting tutors or organising social events, the list is endless. Whilst the possibilities are limitless. 

With the constant rise in demand, the future of concierge services looks promising.