The increasingly popular UK staycation and affordability of worldwide travel have led to the
travel business model in concierge companies. These firms excel in travel planning and
sourcing luxury accommodation for their discerning clients. Pros include adhering to the
law, being socially aware and culturally appropriate. A concierge manager will create a
flawless travel experience. Attention to detail is at the heart of every tailor made itinerary.

Professional travel specialists deliver first-hand knowledge of the luxury travel industry.
However, they are more than lavish travel agents. Travel lifestyle managers provide an
elegance to their excellence that will transport their clients on an unforgettable journey.
With a passion for travel, they understand your goal and will create the perfect blend of
luxury with culture. Elite concierge teams pride themselves on access to extensive contacts
and services to arrange experiences, that other tour operators don’t have. Lifelong
memories and moments are built for their members.

Luxurious accommodation should always be complimented with equally elite
transportation. Crafting first class travel plans may include booking private jets, luxury
yachts, a stretch limousine or a fleet of super cars with chauffeurs. Managers are driven to
enhance unique experiences by creating them with military precision.

Why Choose a Luxury Travel Concierge Service?

Travel lifestyle Managers are some of the most knowledgeable in the business. They can
divulge the best places to stay and unique things to do through effective communication.
Organising security is an added advantage of their high-end service.
Lifestyle managers will handpick from a collection of the world’s superior luxury hotels,
private villas, holiday home rentals and sustainable wellness retreats. Events may include
destination weddings, family vacations, adventure activities and corporate events.
Concierge services also work hard to support families during their precious time away. With
wide-ranging childcare contacts for babysitters, kids’ clubs and sport camps, managers will
ensure that your little ones receive as much attention as the adults.
Luxury UK Holidays
The popularity of a UK staycation is currently sky high. Should a UK based holiday be your
travel option this year, search for specific destination options such as travel experts for the
South West of England. Travel inspiration for a UK holiday on the South Dorset coast may
A flight over the scenic Old Harry Rocks
Guided hikes along the jagged Jurassic trail
Kite surfing or jet ski safaris
Private yacht hire
Private helicopter to watch the sunset at Sandbanks

Fishing excursions to Brownsea Island
Horse-riding across the beach at Studland
In these busy and uncertain times, holidays are a precious commodity. Putting your trust in
a travel concierge firm will allow them to plan a precise and memorable occasion. They
anticipate and research according to their client interests and personality. These travel
experts believe vacations should be more than a holiday.
Nature Holidays
Luxury travel concierge agents often combine exotic destinations with their clients wishes to
get back to nature. This is often in conjunction with a love of fitness or adventure. Ranging
from truly exhilarating to more mellow pursuits, they will transport you to your own
definition of idyllic. From striking mountains, dramatic desert stretches, wild waters or
stunning safaris, you can be assured each experience will be gilded in luxury. Catering from
extreme adventurers to more gentle peace-seekers, culture and exotic cuisine will be
Personal travel specialists hold honeymoons high on their priority of luxury travel. Of all the
holidays taken in a lifetime, they believe this is to be the ultimate for memory making. The
journey is approached with a thorough understanding of the brief. Bespoke itineraries are
then tailor-made to design utterly magical and romantic concepts.
Spa and Wellness Holidays
We all need to be mindful of our current fast paced lifestyle. Maybe it’s time to incorporate
rejuvenation, health and relaxation into a getaway. Demand has recorded a high growth in
the popularity of spa and wellness retreats. Individual itineraries are devised to incorporate
gourmet nutritious cuisine, rejuvenation therapies and relaxation treatments at some of the
world’s most hidden destinations. Travel Concierge Managers have the experience and
insight to combine the best holistic health treatments with decadent luxury, so members
return refreshed and revived.
What’s next on your travel wish list? Make certain your needs are accommodated for, and
that your time away is navigated with experience and discretion. Perhaps this year is time to
re-ignite your love with what makes Britain great again.