Exclusive Concierge Business Wins Two Awards

Forget Alexa, ask Emma.

MacDonald’s team at Whisper is the font of all knowledge, with organisational skills that challenge Marie Kondo. From sourcing chefs and PA’s, to project managing property and booking private jets– they claim the only things they can’t provide are illegal.

Whisper Concierge Services was founded by well-known businesswomen, Emma MacDonald. With a lengthy background in the property industry, MacDonald had struggled to find services she needed, and fast. Time spent sourcing the best services was costing her, and she wasn’t happy. Merging estate management with concierge services appeared a natural progression. She states:

“I felt there was a gap in the market to provide a personal service at an exceptional level for busy people. But the service had to be bespoke due to every need being different. Our aim is to save clients’ time so that they can concentrate on what really matters. And yes, we do manage to save our clients’ money, as after all, time is money”.

Whisper launched during lockdown. Challenging times for most businesses, but a service provider would surely sink? Not MacDonald. Testament to her tenacity is the business winning two awards in the first eight months of operating: Best Luxury Real Estate Consultancy UK and Best Luxury Lifestyle and Property Management Company – London. It’s no wonder Whisper’s listed as number 1 for concierge services on Yell.

Responsibility is demonstrated through Whisper’s accreditation with personal concierge governing body IAP, alliances with private jet companies, travel agent certification and Association of Celebrity Assistants (UK) membership.

Drawing on a wealth of contacts (we bet MacDonald’s little black book is bursting with bodies), Whisper’s team somehow anticipates their clients’ needs before they do. Although discretion is MacDonald’s moniker, Whisper is clearly getting heard. Just read the roar of raving reviews

Whisper has already serviced and built a solid reputation amongst some pretty high calibre clients; from HNWI’s to celebrities, and even royalty. But Emma’s keen to point out that members also include people simply short of time and transient tourists who lack resources. From aestheticians, chauffeurs, tutors, tailors and shoppers, it’s not just hot air ballooning across the Sahara Desert that Whisper caters for.

Exclusivity seeps into membership that requires either a referral or recommendation. Upon acceptance, each client is assigned a personal lifestyle manager. PLM’s are chosen according to client taste and requirements, to ensure optimal service provision. Flexibility is validated in separate pricing plans, aptly named after precious gems. But there is a limited membership allowance. This is due to the vehement vetting of service providers and resourceful 24/7 service accessibility (with an impressive 1-hour response time). Who doesn’t want their very own butler?

MacDonald’s impeccable reputation and professional performance shines as much as her polished glamour. And she’s really nice too. Emma is a Welfare Officer for the British Horse Society, regularly posts positive mental health vibes on Instagram and was approached (she declined) by National TV to appear on a series. As a strong advocate for women succeeding in business, MacDonald is a keen role model for budding entrepreneurs stating:

“Through sheer determination, courage, working long hours and remaining confident in your ability, you will achieve success.”

MacDonald herself started out brave. With only a year’s diploma course under her belt, at the tender age of 21 she set up three estate agency and property management offices. After running successfully for 18 years, MacDonald sold out to a nationwide brand.

In an incredibly short amount of time, Whisper has built up a reputation that incites confidence. With offices currently in Poole and Marylebone, plans to sculpt the business into a global brand are in the pipeline. And with the likes of managing property rentals that reach an eye watering £20,000 a week, we’d say it was likely.

Cancel Netflix, MacDonald’s the one to watch.

For further information contact: info@whisper-us.co.uk at www.whisper-us.co.uk